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Dress Code

At Alert Driver Training, we strive to maintain a professional and respectful environment during all our classes and driving lessons. That's why we require appropriate attire to be worn at all times. We understand that not everyone has the same fashion sense, but certain boundaries must be maintained so that everyone can learn in a safe and distraction-free environment. We take the safety and professionalism of our driving school seriously, which is why we have a strict dress code policy in place. If a student violates the policy and is unable or unwilling to correct the issue, their class or driving session will be canceled and they will need to reschedule for a later time. 


Clothing must not expose the student's back, bare shoulders, cleavage or midriff 


Shorts/ skirts are acceptable as long as they are no shorter than 4 inches above the knee


Pants/ shorts must be worn at the waist line, with no undergarments visible/ Ripped or distressed jeans must not reveal any skin at pocket level


No clothing is permitted to have vulgar or obscene words, symbols, gestures or images, nor any portrayal of alcohol, drugs or tobacco products


No flip-flops or sandals without a backstrap are allowed during driving lessons

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